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  1. Forgotten bop
  2. Why the fuck
  3. Reminder
  4. Js
  5. Willow Smith
  6. Question
  7. Since I can’t comment
  8. I was gonna make a feisty blog
  9. Currently in sequester
  10. Ass sucks Croatia
  11. Susie Smith won Survivor Gabon
  12. Since everyone else is doing it
  13. Chipotle > Qdoba
  14. If you voted Somebody that I used to know
  15. Friendly reminder
  16. Question
  17. And now
  18. Can’t wait
  19. Nothing against him
  20. For some reason
  21. The wave has stopped
  22. Im loyal to the people that Im with
  23. I’m just so sad
  25. PYN
  26. Is the current stars 499?
  27. Remember the days
  28. Honestly
  29. I can’t believe I won stars
  30. Ostapenko losing first round
  31. How many characters
  32. Hi my name is temponeptune
  33. Bhad Bhabie wins best female rap artist
  34. Kinda confused
  35. Is there an unenroll button for Stars
  36. How long until Stars enrollment
  37. Ok so
  38. Imagine having such wrong opinions
  39. Laurel
  40. I’m now conservative

I’m about to see

Feb 28, 2018 by temponeptune
Sophia the robot speak
Legit queen of AI queen of being a citizen of Saudi Arabia my body is ready


Sent by karim,Feb 28, 2018

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