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  1. Side note
  2. Thoughts on the RPDR premier
  3. Um
  4. In honor of the 5h breakup
  5. The 5h breakup
  6. So now that I’m out of Stars
  7. I mean I was team Trixie
  8. Should I do a Vlog?
  9. Psych I like women haha got u all
  10. I’m gay
  11. Roses are red
  12. What time is Stars enrollment
  13. Just watched RPDR
  14. Ok weird question
  15. Name an edit
  16. I’m about to see
  17. 5H > Little Mix
  18. Not a Ross fan
  19. Does Omarosa have any hope
  20. If mark wins pov
  21. Anyone have a link to the rpdr ep
  22. Anyone remember this bop
  23. Jessicas reaction to winning
  24. Will legit gift someone
  25. Anybody have a link
  26. + for Hillary Clinton
  27. I didn’t think Fergie
  28. What veto won the vote
  29. Drake looks like a rat
  30. Omarosa sending Marissa out the door
  31. Don’t get too excited guys
  33. Who in the fuck
  34. Was I the only one
  35. I love people
  36. RIP Shannon
  37. Shannon is 44 years old
  38. Divorce
  39. Did POV happen
  40. Ariadna being hoh

Will legit gift someone

Feb 22, 2018 by temponeptune
who gets me a link to the tar episode

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