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Why the fuckvote Jun 21, 2018
Are people so worked up over a fucking streaming service
Like do people not have anything else to put their attention into the Bey haters really are reaching
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Remindervote Jun 20, 2018
Kanye West was completely in the right and woke when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAS in 2009.

How this fuck You Belong With Me won best music video over Single Ladies is the greatest mystery in history.

That’s all folks
Points: 28 4 comments
Js Jun 18, 2018
image(Pic) X wasn’t like a massive homophobe. He publicly claimed to support them, but idk he was fucked up in general. Just idk have some respect for people dying y’all. (Pic)

Points: 0 3 comments
Willow Smith Jun 18, 2018
Is criminally underrated
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Question Jun 18, 2018
I thought cbs doesn’t condone racism, homophobia or transphobia?
Interesting that they’re bringing back Shelli Poole...
Points: 0 2 comments
Since I can’t comment Jun 18, 2018
city it’s clear you just read like 1 article and don’t do your research, considering the popular vote between HRC and Trump is the largest difference not between two candidates of any election, but rather between 2 candidates in which the loser of the popular vote went on to become president. People have won by well over 3000000 votes before. For example, literally in 2008 Obama beat McCain by almost 10000000 votes.

Besides that, like get over it, move on with your life. You think you’re correct and I’m crazy, and I think the opposite. Life goes on, this is Tengaged dot com and you’re talking to random ass gays you’ve never met. It’s not a big enough deal to have the reactions you’ve been having.

That’s all for now folks :)
Points: 37 8 comments