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  1. Why am I being negged for a fact
  2. Maggie Ausburn is a murderer
  3. So um
  4. Bhad Bhabies album
  5. Me normally:
  6. Ty @ everyone
  7. My dog just died
  8. Ew
  9. I’d be so bald
  10. You’re such a fucking hoe
  11. Never forget
  12. You know where I go when we’re dancing
  13. Young and bad
  14. Hot girls we have problems too
  15. Serena’s chair ump was a liar and a thief
  16. So um
  18. BB Rankings
  19. List of my Stars wins
  20. Would you rather die or eat a tomato
  21. Rachel Plencner invented feminism
  22. I can’t believe I won stars
  23. Question
  24. + my vlog psychos
  25. Well that worked well. Thanks 2%
  26. Yikes
  27. When’s Stars enrollment
  28. Scottie working with Tyler
  29. Honestly tho
  30. My avatar has the f2 of bb20
  31. Worst winner for each show (gameplay)
  32. Can you imagine
  34. List of avatars more iconic than mine
  35. Backyard Baseball BB - Week 1
  36. Insatiable is low key good
  37. When life deals us cards
  39. Has tg had their breakdown
  40. Just finished the 100

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Why am I being negged for a fact Sep 21, 2018
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Maggie Ausburn is a murderer Sep 21, 2018
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So um Sep 19, 2018
Did anyone else have no idea Bhad Bhabie was a lesbian until this album
Literal queen of the gays
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Bhad Bhabies album Sep 18, 2018
Is nothing but fire
Like holy shit
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Me normally: Sep 16, 2018
“God isn’t real, religion is a sham, nothing has a purpose, we’re out here and then we die”

Me when someone I love dies: “Omg they’re definitely in heaven with their loved ones and at peace, everything happens for their reason. I just shuffled Spotify and the song Happy by Pharrell came on and it’s definitely a sign saying they’re happy up there”
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Ty @ everyone Sep 15, 2018
For all your support
The nice comments don’t go unnoticed and I really do appreciate it
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