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RIP Jun 11, 2018

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Matisse I Love You Jun 8, 2018
I am officially going to let my avi die.  As will Matisse.  We love each other and this website is way too toxic for us.  We came here to play a game, and we got bullied in return.  I will die in Matisse gifts to me, including my outfit, my skin, and the girl behind me.  Matisse will die in my gifts to her, including her skin, her hair, and her beautiful fairy outfit.  My baby, we have a life to live outside of tengaged, let's go live it.
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Matisse my baby May 14, 2018
Baby, you are one of the strongest people.  I don't deserve you and I'm the luckiest man alive.  Matisse I love you sooooooooooooooooo much.  #MaTdu

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Master May 13, 2018
Matisse I am your master and you are my slave #MaTdu

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Thank you baby May 6, 2018
For this wonderful gift I have on rn.  Matisse You are a naughty little bitch and I love it. #MaTdu
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Baby, I love you for eternity May 2, 2018
Matisse Every day you make me the happiest man alive and I'm so grateful every day for having you in my life.  May God bless us more every day by bringing us even closer together.  I am your king, and you are my queen.  What else can I say but I love you.  I love you Matisse #MaTdu

your love and husband

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