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Tim's Music Game: The Revival - Episode 8

Feb 21, 2022 by tbrown_47
Thanks for submitting everyone. I think this is the first time everyone submitting since the opening episode, so thanks for that! Before getting to the results, just want to give a quick shoutout to the hero group. You guys ate. But unfortunately, one of you - along with one person from the villain group - will be eliminated today.

Here are my comments:

Soul Sucker: The vocals were super good. The track was pretty minimal, but I don’t mind that in this case as it lets the vocals shine. I liked this but overall wish there was an extra punch to it somewhere

Screw Feelings: This is a song that I think totally fits the theme. I could see this as the song where the villain first decides to embrace their inner heel. The song itself was fine. I didn’t find it particularly engaging, and I wish there was something about it that stood out.

Last Hope: I mean…I don’t even think I could call this pandering because you’re the one person I know who loves this song and this album more than I do. It’s the perfect song for the hero preparing for the final act. It just hits so many emotions, and Hayley’s vocals are so good here. This is high on the list of Paramore’s best songs ever. I really can’t say much more than that.

Play With Fire: Lyrically, I thought this was really good for the theme. The chorus was just kind of a mess though, and it just felt like a lot of different things happening at the same time.

My Own Worst Enemy: I definitely dig you going the anti hero route. This song is a pretty basic pop punk song, but it still hits in all the right places.

Funeral: LMFAO what the hell was that? That song had the same feel as a horror movie I would like: it’s weird, it’s kind of ridiculous, it’s unconventional, but it somehow works. Not sure if it’s a song I’d listen to repeatedly but it was an experience I enjoyed.

Girl on Fire: This definitely has that fearlessness behind it that would be very inspiring for a hero. Plus Alicia Keys is pretty great. This was a good choice and is a really good mix of inspiration and bad-assery.

Cry Thunder: This is classic dragonforce and high key makes me want to play guitar hero. It has a fun intensity to it, like metal for people who aren't super into metal. But I’m just not sure how it stacks up against the rest of the songs in the group.

Sucker for Pain: Not a bad song. But sometimes these super collab songs don’t work as well as they should. I feel like a lot of times the focus is on the lyrics which is cool, but the backing track was so boring that it really couldn’t save this.

Superman: Haven’t heard this song in ages. It’s a bit slow, but there’s good things happening here. I do enjoy his voice, and as far as the theme goes, I feel like this could go either way which makes this a pretty interesting entry imo.

Girls on Top: The beat was pretty cool. No clue what she was saying, but it was fun. It went on a tad too long for my taste, but I was vibing.

Zoom: Who is this dude because I loved his vocals. I could take or leave the woman, but I do think they harmonized very well together which made the song really pleasant to listen to.

And the two winners this round are...


#Symmetry888 for the villains!



#NewNightmare7 for the heroes! Congrats to you both!

Unfortunately, the lows this week are...


#computer3000#hayden9102, #Heavenlee, and #zackaroni68. This elimination was super close as your free choice songs were ranked 4-7...literally back to back to back to back.

Jake, your song was weird as hell but the instrumentation was good and super interesting. Nick, I think your song was really strong lyrically. Noelle, I loved his vocals. Zack, your song was a fun pop bop. Each of your free choice songs had very strengths, so it really came down to some of the small details.

hayden9102 and zackaroni68


You will not be moving on the in this contest. You both did well, and I really did enjoy both of your free choice songs. Ranking them was very hard this round, and unfortunately, you both just came up a bit short. Thank you both so much for playing <33

Which means, Jake and Noelle, you both remain in the competition. Congrats!

Before revealing the next theme, I want to introduce my good friend Becksta20! She will be joining me as a guest judge this round. Give her a warm welcome by submitting some killer songs this round.

Round 8 Theme: Australia

Since Beck is our tg expert on Australian music, this round we will be focusing on Australian musicians. Please submit a song from an Australian group or artist. Any Australian artists submitted in prior rounds are open, just try not to repeat any previously submitted songs. As always let me know if you have any questions

tl;dr submit a song by an Australian artist and a free choice song. Good luck!


The Chart:

Heroes Ranking:

Last Hope
Girl on Fire
Girls on Top
Cry Thunder

Villains Ranking:

Soul Sucker
My Own Worst Enemy
Screw Feelings
Play With Fire
Sucker for Pain

Free Choice Ranking:

A Temporary High
Come and Get Your Love
Too Close
Love or lack thereof - up for elimination
Automatic Electronic Harmonics - up for elimination
Untouched - up for elimination
Cake - up for elimination
Beware of the Dog
God Complex
Dance Again (not On the Floor solo version :( )
Moments Passed


I've never been more excited
Sent by useamint,Feb 21, 2022
Theme: INXS- Never Tear Us Apart

Free Song: Tinashe - Naturally

Sent by Voila,Feb 21, 2022
Sent by tyleror,Feb 21, 2022
Only High - Geowulf

Free: Dirrty - Christina Aguilera
Sent by NewNightmare7,Feb 21, 2022

Sent by PennyTrationStan,Feb 21, 2022
Sent by Zackaroni68,Feb 21, 2022

Sent by Hisoka,Feb 21, 2022
Aussie Choice:

Free Choice:

Sent by spinfur,Feb 21, 2022
Aww bummer gl guys
Sent by hayden9102,Feb 21, 2022

Sent by Symmetry888,Feb 21, 2022

Free Choice:
Sent by computer3000,Feb 21, 2022
Good round
Sent by VanitySmurf,Feb 21, 2022

Free Choice:
Sent by StraightLoonie,Feb 22, 2022

Free Choice:
Sent by Heavenlee,Feb 24, 2022

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