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Voting History in Rookies

Nov 12, 2010 by tbbars
Who would like to see the actual voting history for the eviction votes once a Rookies is finished? Maybe a button could appear alongside the Bets and POV buttons. Post your name if you agree with me.

That would show who really did lie.


yeah, I kinda do but, there would cause more drama wouldn't it
Sent by hinata0014,Nov 12, 2010

PYN If you want old rookies back!!!!!
Sent by Sparky9171,Nov 12, 2010
love the ida plussed
Sent by soccercooldude7,Nov 12, 2010
Not sure, it should be optional to show your vote. People can show it to show they were telling the truth or hide it from the public to show they have something to hide.

Jury Vote revelation should be mandatory.

Sent by TraverseTown,Nov 12, 2010

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