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To The People Who Think I Have Another Account

1stAug 4, 2012 by syd8239
NO. Ok. This is my first and ONLY account! IDK why everyone thinks cause I was quote "smart and clever" in the game that means I had another account. NEWSFLASH....NOOBS HAVE BRAINS. We DO NOT have the brains of a five year old. As SuperFreak told me in the game "You are pretty quick-witted for a 15 year old" YES! Like I am flattered people think I have played stars before, but honestly the fact that you think you have to have played stars before to be "smart and clever" is just really a stupid reason to say I have another account.


Sent by Vitamin,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by tycoon1234,Aug 4, 2012
Ily more
Sent by Chemicalali,Aug 4, 2012
You go girl =)
Sent by EEstrada17,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by SuperFreak,Aug 4, 2012
People are stupid and mean syd8239, ignore them
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by tycoon1234,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by Lemjam6,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by Imthtawesom,Aug 4, 2012
Don't worry about them you're doing great :)
Sent by MichelleObama,Aug 4, 2012
+9 < 3
Sent by AjDee94,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by Peter007,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by blatastic1234,Aug 4, 2012
Go, Syd!
Sent by Jacob_96,Aug 4, 2012
Sent by LoganGage14,Aug 4, 2012
Preach it!
Sent by ThatsWutSheSaid,Aug 4, 2012
Go syd!
Sent by xxLightningxx,Aug 4, 2012
Everyone thinks that people are only saving you because you're a "noob". I'm actually saving you because I genuinely think you're playing the best game and that you're working the hardest.

Sent by Clone,Aug 4, 2012
Ik how it feels to have predetermined opinions about you so I would love to hear your story of the stars experience, and grats on final 3
Sent by black0ut247,Aug 4, 2012
those people are idiots, i'm so happy to say that i've been supporting you since the start!
Sent by itsjustkenzie,Aug 4, 2012
Congrats on your play in stars - quite impressive!
Sent by pablito,Aug 4, 2012
You go! Noobs are good at this game too!
Sent by theBRIflyingdude,Aug 4, 2012
preachin it xx i voted for you
Sent by funnylookinkid,Aug 4, 2012
You go girl!
Sent by Hikeygirl101,Aug 4, 2012
Love u sooo mych syd8239
Sent by coltsfan876,Aug 4, 2012
Omg ily syd8239
Sent by lonelypuppie,Aug 4, 2012
don't worry syd8239 people assumed I was a multi when I first signed up on this site, lol.
Sent by Bo_oM,Aug 4, 2012
Damn Right! You tell em Syd.
Sent by landey,Aug 4, 2012
You seriously rock syd8239
Sent by mjpj189,Aug 4, 2012
Well there is another syd
Sent by rocabilliychick,Aug 5, 2012
Sent by Iqura,Aug 5, 2012
MULTIIIIIIII fuck this blog girl.
Sent by Brittanyy,Aug 5, 2012
i love you syd8239
Sent by qwert2,Aug 5, 2012

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