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Nommed for 9th!

2ndAug 1, 2012 by syd8239
imageI wanted so much to prove I was not the next "someguy" and not being nommed so far I believe has proved that. I want to thank EVERYONE who have supported me, whether it was genuine or "just for the laughs". I am not just a "sheep" in this game. I have tried my hardest in this game, and I believe some fellow contestants in the game can back me up on that. I also want to thank everyone who is in the game right now for making this a very interesting, and surprisingly enjoyable experience. And if I get evicted I wish good luck to you all! I wanna thank TheSexiestDude990 for the pic in this blog he made for me! You rock! Thank you to my frat as well for all the encouragement to come into the game, and for working hard on getting the seat. Good luck Trust! You are an awesome player and I am glad to have met you!


+13 Good luck syd! :)
Sent by mahogany,Aug 1, 2012
good luck:)
Sent by austino15fffan,Aug 1, 2012
good luck :)
Sent by ivan1234,Aug 1, 2012
+12 you're doing great, I can see you winning this game!!!!!!!
Sent by dabomb127,Aug 1, 2012
bridgette77 is spamming you out jsyk
Sent by Yaxha,Aug 1, 2012
i hope you stay!
Sent by dmann,Aug 1, 2012
Win it gurl
Sent by coltsfan876,Aug 1, 2012
I really hope you stay
Sent by Js21,Aug 1, 2012
GL SYD! I hope you stay and win!
Sent by Game_Time,Aug 1, 2012
Sent by sihz,Aug 1, 2012
saved you honey! :)
Sent by cecumecu,Aug 1, 2012
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Aug 1, 2012
Sent by boomske123,Aug 1, 2012
gl :)
Sent by Johnster,Aug 1, 2012
Gl :)
Sent by kimmal8,Aug 1, 2012
GL Syd :)
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Aug 1, 2012
saved ya syd! check your mail!
Sent by Zambenny,Aug 1, 2012
you're so cute
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 1, 2012

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