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16thJul 15, 2017 by sw33t
Hello HELLO hello.
I made it to the final THREE!!!! 

I walked into this game with no friends and no agenda.

And figured out a way to wiggle through and navigate through the alliances, break up the close relationships, form some myself and make sure I controlled pretty much the entire game.

And then people were scared of me. They were. Which was crazy because USUALLY the emotion I evoke in people is disgust and disturbance BUT THIS TIME THEY WERE SCARED OF ME.

So they were nominating me. And because I’m fucking precious they decided I should face the noob. Okay. Check.

This was where I was kinda dumb. I played with my heart and decided to give Evan a break, when I could have easily figured out a way to pop him on the block, I didn’t. And he broke my little heart.

BUT for the entire week, I made these people run in circles. And obviously by the end, they were afraid of it.

lets not hand the game to people who have nothing to garner votes from aside from pity.

Go here and click the button under my NAME :D


Congrats on finals voted for you :*
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Thanks Babe justme
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