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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Oct 8, 2023 by survivorworld33
Y'all make everything a bigotry problem, grow the fuck up and get a life not everybody is out to get you stop pretending you're a victim and learn to play the fucking game


Coming from another white person: This was not the move to make....especially whenst in a game about popularity
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Oct 8, 2023
sounds like something christmas abbott would say
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Oct 8, 2023
boytoy4cato idrc what ppl think I'm here to have fun and make moves...
Sent by survivorworld33,Oct 8, 2023
I don't wanna take sides as I don't rlly think we have a TRUE answer but a few of these ppl were in the last stars me and Bryan were in and they nommed the 2 POC the first day there for being aligned even though other ppl were friends.
Sent by Jasmina,Oct 8, 2023
i dont really care if u dont care what people think of you. You should probably have a basic understanding of the psychological and historic effects of colonization, displacement and systemic racism before blogging such ignorant things. You may not have consciously intended to nominate 3 black people in the first two rounds of a popularity contest.

Saying this in defense to a joke blog about white potheads is reading very much like "wah wah now youre being racist to white people/It was just happenstance that the 3 POC have less comprehension of a popularity contest than their mayonnaise counterparts/My girlfriends best friends hairstylist is black so I cant be racist."

And the problem isn't just u, it's tengaged as a whole moving quietly as a microscopic example of how specifically America/PWI work.
Sent by BoyToy4Cato,Oct 8, 2023

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