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Big Brother and online Hunger games. ALL FEMALE Survivor Legends: HEROES VS. VILLAINS! - Ep1

Aug 28, 2018 by survivorfan12
Eighteen of the fiercest female Survivor contestants of all time have been invited back for this special season of Survivor: Legends! To spice things up, they have been divided into two tribes: heroes and villains!

Amanda K
Cirie F
Kelley Wentworth
Denise S
Sierra DT
Stephenie L
Eliza Orlins
Aubry B
Cydney G

Parvati S
Sandra DT
Jerri M
Kass McQ
Natalie B
Abi Maria G
Kim S
Ciera E
Debbie W

The heroes won the first grueling immunity challenge, sending the Villains to the first tribal council.

Parvati and Sandra were the early targets thanks to their reputations, but they managed to shift the heat onto hell-raisers Abi Maria and Chaos Kass. After a cat fight erupted at tribal council, Abi Maria pulled the tribe's rice out of her bag and poured it into the tribal council fire pit, leading to her being the first person voted out of Survivor: Female Legends: Heroes vs. Villains 2!

Who will be voted out and become the next robbed goddess? Who are you rooting for? Stay tuned!

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