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Why is Corey Brooks so dumb

Sep 1, 2016 by survivorfan12


I thought there was hope, kidding. But he's doing something right to make it to at least the final 6.

Also, how do you feel about him giving his BB Bribe to Vic, from what I caught he fell bad for Vic but other places I read he thought Vic was going to evict Paul? Like what. xD
Sent by TheIconicBlackout,Sep 1, 2016
i dunno...He made a smart move in the counting Veto to save Nicole's ass lol
Sent by Brad13535,Sep 1, 2016
Brad13535 yea but that could have easily backfired and kept Michelle in the game for another round had she had the worst guess
Sent by survivorfan12,Sep 1, 2016
survivorfan12 How could Nicole possible have a worse guess than 1 billion? lol
Sent by Brad13535,Sep 1, 2016
Brad13535 Sorry, I meant if Michelle had made the second worst guess next to Corey's, she would have stayed in the competition. That would be bad for Corey and Nicole because they wanted Michelle out.
Sent by survivorfan12,Sep 1, 2016

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