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Fuck ignorant racists

Aug 31, 2016 by survivorfan12
I have this one friend who is just so ignorant it's sickening. She was with me when I was playing a playlist with all sorts of music on it, like 2007 Disney pop, 80's pop, metal, and hip-hop. She skipped all the songs from Hamilton immediately when they came on. And then an Outkast song came on and like after 10 seconds she was irritably like, "What is this song even about?" as if you would be able to tell what a song is about after 10 seconds. So I didn't really say anything and she was like "I can't understand what he's saying. This is just so different from everything else you've been playing," but she never said anything when a metal or 80's pop song came on.

And THEN today, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, she said, "It sucks that they're getting killed by the police and everything, but it's partly their fault for being aggressive." This fucking bitch. It's so obvious she hates black people.


why u mad that ur friend is spitting truth? #AllLivesMatter #StopBeingBlack
Sent by Zuelke,Aug 31, 2016
Zuelke wow did u actually neg me and then say #StopBeingBlack
Sent by survivorfan12,Aug 31, 2016

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