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My edge of Extinction winner pick & assessment.

Feb 28, 2019 by subfriend
1. Chris- Good in challenges , looks very smart and have a good common sense about the game. Very well socially. People will start see him as a threat soon but now he keeping Wardog and Kelley as his shields.

2. Lauren- if you play Survivor game or BB game you should stick with veteran/returnee bcoz you can use them as an ally and shield. That's what Lauren did. It's good she didn't share her idol info with Kelley

3. Ron- with a secret advantage of the game and how people see him as a funny guy + he did give good vibes, he can go far. He just need to find legit alliance and a power move.

4. Victoria- she looks smart and now she has two allies work closely with her, she can go far. She needs time to shine and things to prove lol

To watch out : Wendy if she stays and didn't get med-evac next episode bcoz of her leg, she actually can go far with her loyal attitude and see things positively although in a bottom pole of her tribe.



I have the exact winner picks. Not Ron though. I have Wendy over him. Finally someone who can acgree with me on Chris
Sent by WinterSatan,Feb 28, 2019
the problem with Chris is his invisible edit episode 1
Sent by Natepresnell,Feb 28, 2019
Natepresnell yeah, I feel like he could win but his edit is saying otherwise
Sent by SeaViper,Feb 28, 2019
Natepresnell ☺️
Sent by subfriend,May 16, 2019

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