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May 6, 2018 by subfriend


This season, fail to vote in tribal council will guarantee you a self-vote. Every time you get self-vote, you get a strike (x). If you get 3 strikes (xxx). You will get med-evac and evicted for good.

If there is a tie in survivor phase, we will have a re-vote. If there is another tie after that, rock-draw is the tie-breaker. If there is a tie in Big Brother phase, HOH will be the tie-breaker.

By applying this game, you agree with all the rules, expect some twist and turns plus you agree to respect the host decision.
Fail to do so you might get auto-evicted.

Idol play is before the vote is read unless it told the other way. You need to MAIL me if you want to use it before I read the vote.

HOH Competition- same rules as CBS's Big Brother.

Power of Veto Competition- Everyone can play in this competition. So if you want to save your butt. Be active and competitive.

All the advantages (idol, secret power etc) can be played until Final 6. Means, Final 6 is the last time to use it unless something else is written along.

Final- 50 % Jury , 50 % Public vote. If you want to win, score both fields.

You can add my damn skype and use it to send vote/ confessional/group chat. I'll be active. id: subfriend

I'm looking for only new players. 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx APPLICATION FORM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Origin City:
What can you bring into this game?:
Have you read the rules above?:

Send me the application via Tengaged MAIL.

Join the group here: 

Premiere on May 16th 2018



I'm looking for only new players.

Oh..... okay :(
Sent by hellomynameis347,May 6, 2018
What a shame, looks interesting.
Sent by lhooper902976,May 9, 2018
Sent by FireX,May 11, 2018

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