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Ghost Island winner pick

Mar 1, 2018 by subfriend
>> #survivor season 36 Ghost Island cast assessment and winner pick ( in no order)

1. Kellyn. Usually they will hide the winner in some small but sort of memorable scene during the Premiere. I couldn't find any other with non-game relate like Mike eat the scorpion in season 30. But she leads the puzzle challenge and win it for her tribe.

2. Brendon- surprise that I'm rooting for this athletic guy but he has a sharp and good observation. He knows the game around him.

3. Chris- another athletic guy that I choose but that's not the reason. This guy also has good observation and good INSTINCT.

4. Stephanie- good player. Using her connection and flirtation skill, she will go far or cut short.

5. Donathan - underdog and likeable guy. Hope he makes far.

Honorable mention:
James. I thought he can do well but oh well he flopped

This year I didn't looking for any spoilers... Yet. lol grats to me


My winner pick is Wendell
Sent by _Adidas_,Mar 1, 2018
_Adidas_ i almost pick him to he probably my 6th choice if i can choose more
Sent by subfriend,Mar 1, 2018

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