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  11. No matter how hard I try to work with stan he..
  12. Beware the fake queens royalty and Rosalia
  13. Beware the fake queens royalty and Rosalia
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  15. I was in a Frookies with a bunch of liars
  16. I was in a Frookies with a bunch of liars
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  19. Euchere has mocked autistic individuals and..
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  21. Euchere apparently like mocking autistic ppl and..
  22. I’m tired of getting robbed in frooks
  23. I don’t trust goomy anymore
  24. Have my back my ass bro
  25. Euchre might be the stupidest frooks player I’ve..
  26. Who tf lied to me in frooks right there
  27. Why you do obsessed hedda (or should I say fendi)
  28. Hedda is stupid af
  29. Fuck the chiefs and fuck Taylor swift they make me..
  30. I didn’t change abro. You trashed my friends and..
  31. For the record I don’t hate you abro but I’m..
  32. Stay obsessed with the cult abro
  33. + if you want Johnny and abro to join the cult
  34. Lemjam=biggest cunt on tengaged
  35. Y’all couldn’t just trust me. I knew what the..
  36. Idk if I can do frooks anymore
  37. Who is it
  38. Who’s the liar
  39. Kiss my ass royaltyy
  40. David this is just low

Dear dante

Jan 21, 2024 by stormerator
imageBro thx he’s the only person I work with in a game. I can’t message him every minute of every game. Stop being desperate for attention.


Thx to maya for sharing the message. Not once has Dante ever come to me about this either
Sent by stormerator,Jan 21, 2024
HAHAHHAHA, I was just saying that's why I went for you - it's not that deep. We weren't working together, and I made an intention to work with you. Therefore, I must then try to get you out if you don't want to do it
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 21, 2024
Funny don, I literally just messaged you as well. I only sent it to Maya bc I wanted her to post it in the chat so you couldn't deface my name in the public forum as a backstabber.

As I said in the message I just sent to you - all the best x

Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 21, 2024
Can’t see the screenshot :(
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Jan 21, 2024
maya10 ?
Sent by Wyatt2001,Jan 21, 2024
bigbrotherstan2022 dw queen, I got you. Here was my message to maya:

""Can you clarify in my absence pls - I only go for storm bc he stops chatting, if he continued speaking and said he wanted to work together then I wouldn't be going for him loool - can't have him defacing me name pls"

and here is the message I sent to storm before loading up the blogs page to see he's posting looool -

"Yoooo g - Just wanted to clarify as I don't know if the message was shared.

All I was trying to say is that the only reason I went for you in this game is bc you didn't reply to my message, and didn't want to work together so I had to go for you. If you replied and wanted to work together, I wouldn't have gone for you lol.

Have a good night bro"
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 21, 2024

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