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Nommed for 7

5thFeb 6, 2020 by sprtsgy1989
Bye me 馃ぃ
I have been a set last 4 dc and I feel avoiding block way I did when everyone wants you out is impressive. Hard to do that especially when you haven鈥檛 been nommed yet. I feel like I deserve to say because I had a say in most of the noms that occurred which is why I am at where I am. Everyone fears my gameplay and they know vin will take me out. Please prove them wrong and give me a shot to stay. Even though I know I have a better shot at winning the lottery than surviving this poll 馃ぃ


oh no
Sent by Kindred7,Feb 6, 2020
I saved you :)
Sent by Cromatique,Feb 6, 2020
Good luck Sean :( you鈥檝e done a great job
Sent by xCelestex,Feb 6, 2020

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