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  1. Pollbox fun
  2. Nommed for 7
  3. I need a stars sign
  4. Today is plus phillip13 day
  5. Today is plus semaj day
  6. I have the flu 😩
  7. Today is plus top20fan day
  8. Today is plus thumper day
  9. Today is plus kindred day
  10. Today is plus abrogated day
  11. Today is plus lexey day
  12. Today is plus karmasutra day
  13. Today is plus maturo day
  14. How do you like my avi
  15. Today is plus thumper day
  16. Pyn for a gift
  17. Tengaged idea
  18. Today is plus Marie day
  19. How much does it cost to get a shop
  20. Today is neg mrbarn day
  21. Today is neg Aaron day
  22. Ty 37.8 %
  23. Made finals in stars
  24. Made my first finals unommed
  25. Longest I have ever been unommed in stars
  26. What animal says bye to their son
  27. Ho ho ho merry jokemas
  28. What animal leaves the church
  29. Idk why I joined stars 😆
  30. What is a dogs favorite number
  31. Posting a joke since I’m nommed
  32. Stars is crazy
  33. What is a ghost favorite plant
  34. What does an egg do when they try to make you..
  35. Thanks 50.8%
  36. I need a new frat
  37. my nom rap
  38. Think I’m going to rap a song
  39. what type of instrument do people dwell on
  40. How do you like my avi

Pyn for a gift

Jan 6, 2020 by sprtsgy1989
I have plenty of ts and will never use them
May pick someone at random from it 😎


Sent by SharonMaItems,Jan 6, 2020
lauren the gown please
Sent by Thumper91,Jan 6, 2020
Sent by Emmett4,Jan 6, 2020
BlazeTitan or nateclove or tester or Cadden - if there’s some male design
Sent by Kindred7,Jan 6, 2020
Id love a design
Sent by BlazeTitan,Jan 6, 2020
sj i would love a cross bc i am from alabama!
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jan 6, 2020
Sent by rockstarr,Jan 6, 2020
Me anything female skinny blue eyes to go with my avi or a plain white background or something similar x
Sent by Amnesia_,Jan 6, 2020
me ♡
Sent by MarieEve,Jan 6, 2020
Britt :)
Sent by BrittBritt,Jan 6, 2020
Oh hey 👋🏻
Sent by nicknack,Jan 6, 2020
Me! :)
Sent by HaliFord,Jan 6, 2020
red crown please, thanks so much <3
Sent by Cadden,Jan 7, 2020
or anything lol
Sent by Cadden,Jan 7, 2020

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