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  1. New rap going to be blogged around 7
  2. Stars is fun
  3. Stars is fun
  4. Thanks for the saves all
  5. my stars rap
  6. I鈥檓 working on writing a song
  7. my nom song
  8. Here鈥檚 a father day joke for you
  9. I appreciate
  10. How do you rate my avi
  11. Today is neg Fiona day
  12. Wow fiona is so rude
  13. Thanks for the gift
  14. Anyone else
  15. Who wants to me my number 2 friend
  16. Plus if I should remove fiona from friend list
  17. Got a new job 馃槂
  18. What am I known for
  19. I鈥檓 a failure
  20. why do you deserve to be my number 1 friend
  21. you have been relegated fiona
  22. We are all not 5
  23. Damnit I missed neg fiona day
  24. Please click link
  25. Get over yourself fiona
  26. Today is plus abro day
  27. What is a rhino favorite type of bread
  28. Man united is a joke
  29. Can you join stars with 98% health
  30. today is neg thumper day
  31. Isn鈥檛 it fun when you join survivor
  32. LMFAO
  33. May the fourth be with you
  34. If I joined stars
  35. Lesson learned
  36. Today is neg fiona day
  37. Who is better
  38. Thanks for the Chelsea shirt
  39. what direction does the easter bunny go
  40. Over to you

Anyone else

Jun 3, 2019 by sprtsgy1989
Tired of seeing thumper91 complain on the blog page

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