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  1. I鈥檓 in a generous mood
  2. I was sweet to you
  3. I hate my tengaged slag
  4. cute star fish
  5. posting a cute star fish gif
  6. Thanks for the saves everyone
  7. my stars rap
  8. New rap going to be blogged around 7
  9. Stars is fun
  10. Stars is fun
  11. Thanks for the saves all
  12. my stars rap
  13. I鈥檓 working on writing a song
  14. my nom song
  15. Here鈥檚 a father day joke for you
  16. I appreciate
  17. How do you rate my avi
  18. Today is neg Fiona day
  19. Wow fiona is so rude
  20. Thanks for the gift
  21. Anyone else
  22. Who wants to me my number 2 friend
  23. Plus if I should remove fiona from friend list
  24. Got a new job 馃槂
  25. What am I known for
  26. I鈥檓 a failure
  27. why do you deserve to be my number 1 friend
  28. you have been relegated fiona
  29. We are all not 5
  30. Damnit I missed neg fiona day
  31. Please click link
  32. Get over yourself fiona
  33. Today is plus abro day
  34. What is a rhino favorite type of bread
  35. Man united is a joke
  36. Can you join stars with 98% health
  37. today is neg thumper day
  38. Isn鈥檛 it fun when you join survivor
  39. LMFAO
  40. May the fourth be with you


3rdFeb 7, 2019 by sprtsgy1989
And I鈥檒l tell you my favorite thing about you when you were a noob like I am now

Trollllol: my favorite thing is your shirt is green my favorite color
Cheapcheep: my favorite thing you have same username but different meaning
Bengalboy: my favorite thing you became more noob like with basic avi the longer you were here
Rightocensor: My favorite thing your first blog is about god
Diva1: My favorite thing is you did rants about random shit
Ghrocky1: my favorite thing is you got 3 in your first game and 3 is my favorite number
Firewolf: My favorite thing is you are a multi because you talk about old challenges when you join in 2018
Lexeyjane: I love how you are secretive and deleted all of your blogs when you were a noob
Goodkaren: I love how when you were new to this site you worked hard to get a list of all the top levels
Scooby000: I Love how you tried to give tips how to win. You missed number 1 way to join with a premade
Camel12: I love how you posted tips to stay in the game a lot of people don鈥檛 have common sense so it鈥檚 imoortsnt to help those people
Roslyn: I love how you put so much effort in survive games when you were getting used to this site
Jonmcgillis: I love how you asked are you popular when nobody new you got to love the confidence lol
Runaway: I love how you were up to date with everyone in hof from different sites
Maxi1234: I love how you got back to back 7 in your first two games got that luck factor
Skylar1822: I love how you were telling us your life story on your first day here. Always good to relive old experiences
Tyler93: I loved how you weren鈥檛 close with fiona
Thumper91: I love how you profile was much shorter
Emzthorne: I loved how you won your first game
lemjam6: I love how you gifted so many people during your firstfew weeks on the site
oreo272: I love how you got to black level in less than 6 month
iybf: I love how all your blogs are hearts shows how much you have loved engaged when you were a noob to now
Thedeciever: I love how you got top 3 in your first three games
Semajdude: I love how you won your first 2 games shows you are a quick strategic learner
Clayton I loved how you won your first rookies
Blitszims: I loved how you bullied in my first rookies and made he cry to my mom and I had to go to therapy


Sent by trolllol,Feb 7, 2019
i still am one
Sent by CheapCheep,Feb 7, 2019
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 7, 2019
Sent by RightToCensor,Feb 7, 2019
You are so funny.
Sent by Diva1,Feb 7, 2019
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plus! haha LOL at the first link you sent was mine < 3 3 3
Sent by rozlyn,Feb 7, 2019
i swore i commented
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Also learn how to tag
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oh wow you are still around
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