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  1. who should i add to my filter list
  2. Last 4 games
  3. Today is filter Fiona day
  4. what type of professor likes useless stuff
  5. My Eagles rap
  6. posting an eagles rap
  7. Thanks 42%
  8. Having a rough day
  9. + if I should block fiona on skype
  10. Isn’t it fun when
  11. My rap against migz aka the joker
  12. When you are in a chat
  13. Just finished my rap
  14. Cool dogs during new years
  15. What Christmas animal should I top blog today
  16. Scandalous news
  17. Reindeer’s celebrate after Christmas
  18. My love song
  19. Ho ho ho merry jokemas
  20. The jokermas Christmas song
  21. Can someone make me stars sign
  22. Gets down on one knee
  23. Scandalous news
  24. Ho ho ho
  25. Am I the coolest Santa
  26. Cute Christmas dog
  27. Gonna post a cute animal Christmas blog
  28. Nommed me for 16
  29. My Christmas rap
  30. Just a heads up
  31. Why did this stars fill up so fast
  32. Tyler beat you
  33. What do wizards do when they go for a walk
  34. You know what’s ironic
  35. Cool panda
  36. Guess my eviction percentage
  37. I may need a stars sign soon
  38. Ty 55.4%
  39. What’s the records for most top blog in stars
  40. Cool bunnies

Scandalous news

Dec 26, 2018 by sprtsgy1989
blitszims is my cousin found out using ancestory


omg =O
Sent by Blitszims,Dec 26, 2018
Didn’t y’all date?
Sent by TaurusMoon,Dec 26, 2018
Lmao no taurusmoon
Sent by Blitszims,Dec 26, 2018

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