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  1. You know what’s ironic
  2. Cool panda
  3. Guess my eviction percentage
  4. I may need a stars sign soon
  5. Ty 55.4%
  6. What’s the records for most top blog in stars
  7. Cool bunnies
  8. Cool horse
  9. Just got good news
  10. Cool sheep
  11. Daily ihy blog
  12. Today is plus maturo day
  13. Cool ape
  14. Thanks 63.3%
  15. Cool dog
  16. Cool cat
  17. Hi
  18. cute cat
  19. who is in first place in premier league
  20. anyone wanna form survivor super tribe
  21. pyn if you want devils wings
  22. im almost out of the hof
  23. where does a buck eat his food
  24. Am I the only one
  25. What does a tired person use to wipe their face
  26. Losing by .3% sucks
  27. My stars song
  28. Can someone make me a stars sign
  29. Today so neg thumper day
  30. Hmmm look at the 13 comment
  31. Ty for the saves everyone
  32. Where do people who amass in a group go
  33. Did I make a mistake
  34. +if Dcsooner should join stars
  35. Best host for popularity contest
  36. What is a cops least favorite type of insect
  37. Your pizza blog
  38. Today is neg liv day
  39. What is a teacher a witness to at school
  40. Name the least popular contest judge

+if Dcsooner should join stars

Jul 27, 2018 by sprtsgy1989
- if dcsooner shouldn't join

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