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  1. cute star fish
  2. posting a cute star fish gif
  3. Thanks for the saves everyone
  4. my stars rap
  5. New rap going to be blogged around 7
  6. Stars is fun
  7. Stars is fun
  8. Thanks for the saves all
  9. my stars rap
  10. I’m working on writing a song
  11. my nom song
  12. Here’s a father day joke for you
  13. I appreciate
  14. How do you rate my avi
  15. Today is neg Fiona day
  16. Wow fiona is so rude
  17. Thanks for the gift
  18. Anyone else
  19. Who wants to me my number 2 friend
  20. Plus if I should remove fiona from friend list
  21. Got a new job 😃
  22. What am I known for
  23. I’m a failure
  24. why do you deserve to be my number 1 friend
  25. you have been relegated fiona
  26. We are all not 5
  27. Damnit I missed neg fiona day
  28. Please click link
  29. Get over yourself fiona
  30. Today is plus abro day
  31. What is a rhino favorite type of bread
  32. Man united is a joke
  33. Can you join stars with 98% health
  34. today is neg thumper day
  35. Isn’t it fun when you join survivor
  36. LMFAO
  37. May the fourth be with you
  38. If I joined stars
  39. Lesson learned
  40. Today is neg fiona day

Pyn if you want a gift

4thMay 29, 2018 by sprtsgy1989
May gift someone I have enough ts for shops and hardly on this site


Blue Kendall please!
Sent by Brxan,May 29, 2018
Any of the weaves would make my day <3
Sent by Fetish,May 29, 2018
Me anything
Sent by FireWolf,May 29, 2018
grey tattoo
Sent by Lavaworks,May 29, 2018
Yeah please Sean! I’d love for you to support iScotty or gagaluv and gift me 😇😇☀️
Sent by LoveLife,May 29, 2018
Sent by danyyboy67,May 29, 2018
Gift maddog16 hair :)
Sent by GoodKaren,May 29, 2018
Eyes background or black weave pls
Sent by LoveLife,May 29, 2018
Hazel LashBlast Eyes please💁🏼‍♀️
Sent by Neximos,May 29, 2018
wow the green sweater plz
Sent by Halloween,May 29, 2018
Me blue weave
Sent by MyrtleMountain,May 29, 2018
Balmain After Party Dress - I wanna be a pretty woman, in true sprtsgy1989 fashion I'll crack a joke to win you over...

What do you get when you cross an angry sheep with an angry cow?
A Baaaad Moooooood *Bows*
Sent by dandoe,May 29, 2018
Me please! I’ve never received a gift before!
Sent by Xavier707,May 29, 2018
ur fav lions fan :D
Sent by JasonXtreme,May 29, 2018
Me please
Sent by Amnesia_,May 29, 2018
me please never received one and i am fairly new
Sent by BigShak,May 29, 2018
me !
Sent by FelipeS,May 29, 2018
me please
Sent by FocusBlast,May 29, 2018
Hey, I don't, but nice to see you back :)
Sent by Matte,May 29, 2018
Ocean Blue Kendall 2.0 or Ombre Niall
Sent by Girllover101,May 29, 2018
Ohh me 💙❤hru btw?
Sent by MarieEve,May 29, 2018
You should gift Valia she needs hair <3
Sent by jessloveee,May 29, 2018
And if you dont pick me for the black hair (lol hint), you should gift jessloveee because she's awesome. <3
Sent by Valia,May 29, 2018
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,May 29, 2018
Oh me please :( I’m a tv star and litterally have fuck all for gifts , people don’t like me
Sent by Crayadian,May 29, 2018
U won stars buy ur own stuff bitch
Sent by semajdude,May 29, 2018
Me anything
Sent by lhooper902976,May 30, 2018
Sent by BlueStar1367,May 30, 2018
Sent by HawaiianBruh,May 30, 2018
gift patootie the black kylie
Sent by HaliFord,May 30, 2018
Me. I’ll take anything
Sent by Burgerman2929292,May 30, 2018

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