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  1. What does a tired person use to wipe their face
  2. Losing by .3% sucks
  3. My stars song
  4. Can someone make me a stars sign
  5. Today so neg thumper day
  6. Hmmm look at the 13 comment
  7. Ty for the saves everyone
  8. Where do people who amass in a group go
  9. Did I make a mistake
  10. +if Dcsooner should join stars
  11. Best host for popularity contest
  12. What is a cops least favorite type of insect
  13. Your pizza blog
  14. Today is neg liv day
  15. What is a teacher a witness to at school
  16. Name the least popular contest judge
  17. Omg
  18. What animal is not weak
  19. Since when is stars not 6:00 eastern time anymore
  20. Is it safe to join stars
  21. What type of person always wins a poll
  22. Ty 58.2%
  23. What type of person can't win a contest
  24. Thanks 71.4%
  25. What parent is more popular
  26. Should I join stars
  27. I need a new frat
  28. Rate my avi
  29. Pyn if you want a gift
  30. what type of horse has a bad dream
  31. today is neg olivia day
  32. what do you call dr dres mom
  33. what part of a flower do you use in the dark
  34. Hi
  35. HI
  36. Hi
  37. Hi
  38. Hi
  39. I just realized how crap I am at these new..
  40. what type of bunny annoys the easter bunny

I had fun during soccer

Mar 11, 2018 by sprtsgy1989

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