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  1. My Eagles RAP
  2. pyn if your a sports fan
  3. Hi
  4. Ima write an eagles rap early next week
  5. Ohi
  6. what is a drunk persons favorite candy
  7. Philly Dilly
  8. Hi
  9. LMAO Sooners choke yet again
  10. Well this sucks
  11. 10 straight votes in a row to evict
  12. nommed for 15 song
  13. I got another joke I'll post later
  14. why do people hate going to the gym
  15. Got my next joke ready
  16. This is upsetting
  17. Lmao bye me
  18. Does a top joke blog
  19. Why does Olivia keep getting nommed in stars
  20. What type of woman do you find in a foreign..
  21. Do any frats want me
  22. Merry Christmas to me lol
  23. Today is neg yoshitomi day
  24. Merry Christmas
  25. my parents say i can't talk to liv
  26. Since when did stars time change
  27. hi
  28. Wtf is a dungaree
  29. I have a crush
  30. Today Is neg thumper day
  31. I need a new frat
  32. why dont people like fake hair
  33. Thanks for the gift
  34. Joke of the day
  35. BB spoiler Don't read if you don't wanna knoa
  36. TOday is neg Maturo day
  37. Getting multi out is fun
  38. Ty 51.7%
  39. My stars song
  40. Nommed for 10

Today is neg yoshitomi day

Dec 27, 2017 by sprtsgy1989


You know I'll give you something terrible to blog now 馃槇
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 27, 2017

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