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  1. Am I the only one
  2. What does a tired person use to wipe their face
  3. Losing by .3% sucks
  4. My stars song
  5. Can someone make me a stars sign
  6. Today so neg thumper day
  7. Hmmm look at the 13 comment
  8. Ty for the saves everyone
  9. Where do people who amass in a group go
  10. Did I make a mistake
  11. +if Dcsooner should join stars
  12. Best host for popularity contest
  13. What is a cops least favorite type of insect
  14. Your pizza blog
  15. Today is neg liv day
  16. What is a teacher a witness to at school
  17. Name the least popular contest judge
  18. Omg
  19. What animal is not weak
  20. Since when is stars not 6:00 eastern time anymore
  21. Is it safe to join stars
  22. What type of person always wins a poll
  23. Ty 58.2%
  24. What type of person can't win a contest
  25. Thanks 71.4%
  26. What parent is more popular
  27. Should I join stars
  28. I need a new frat
  29. Rate my avi
  30. Pyn if you want a gift
  31. what type of horse has a bad dream
  32. today is neg olivia day
  33. what do you call dr dres mom
  34. what part of a flower do you use in the dark
  35. Hi
  36. HI
  37. Hi
  38. Hi
  39. Hi
  40. I just realized how crap I am at these new..

BB spoiler Don't read if you don't wanna knoa

Aug 7, 2017 by sprtsgy1989
I'd just like to point out Elena is so fake. She wanted nothing to do with mark because he was spending to much time with Cody. Now that he has pov she's being real close to him for him to save her with pov


when r u joining stars again lol coz i wanna make a stars support blog and tag u in it
Sent by 2388,Aug 7, 2017

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