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Are there any irl moments/things you do Feb 9, 2020
imagethat make you vividly think of a reality tv moment whenever it happens?

For me at my work I have to unchain some chairs whenever i open the lunch shift. so to put away the chain i kinda wrap it around my arm like its a rope before it put it away so its not a big knot. EVERY time i do this ALL i can think about is the "clean up the stage set" challenge from rock of love 2 where Mindy (?) is shown very CPP-ly wrangling the mic chord as if its a rope around her arm. literally every time i do this i imagine myself as mindy imagining herself wrangling ropes while really wrangling a mic chord while i am wranging a lock chain.
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Quick Ranking of the "Borneo's" of reality tv Dec 17, 2019
imagetar1>antm1>project runway 1>Survivor>top chef

(im a fake the challenge fan and didnt watch those seasons where there were no eliminations but it would probably be high since BETH is on one of them and iconically broke her ankle and refused to quit and stayed the whole season and led to her teams loss single-handedly in her debut < 333)
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i love how Dec 11, 2019
imagewhen dan touches MULTIPLE women without consent ON CAMERA productions is sleep but the moment it happens to a production member suddenly they care and take action

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Wheres the Anne Ville design? Dec 7, 2019
image maturo
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Hosting on Roblox Nov 24, 2019
a team based challenge based on the current season

starting once i get enough ppl!

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Now that this survivor season Nov 20, 2019
imageis essentially over right in time for the holiday season... you can all go and watch a the VASTLY MORE ENJOYABLE survivor experience SANTAS IN THE BARN

-10 professional santas in character at all times
-idols, twists, advantages, all with meaningful impact on the game
-amazing inventive challenges, some of my favorite in recent memory
-blindsides, backstabbing, alliances based on #thegame and social bonds alike
-an ENSEMBLE cast with an amazing boot order. old santas, young santas, female santas, even a gay santa and a black santa
-a top 5 survivor season and with not one ounce of irony involved when i say that

a FESTIVE show that is checks the boxes of being amazing CHRISTMAS as well as SURVIVOR continent.
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