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  14. ugh yes the hurricane season
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  17. Really strong Ausvivor ep
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  35. survivor SA does it AGAIN
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Edna Ma FTW

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What songs PACK the nostalgia Aug 30, 2019
imagewhen you listen to them?

Today I listened to "I Can't Wait" by Hilary Duff - for those of you who don't know it's the song from the yearbook episode of lizzie mcguire aka the (for now/not anymore?) series finale. Pretty much its not on Spotify so it doesn't pop up during my normal music listening hours and so the nostalgia really HIT me. Its also a bop and has been on repeat all day, they really need to put it on spotify i mean some random bitch has a cover of it on there (along with like 3 different karaoke versions based on that same cover) so i dont see what the issue is.

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ugh yes the hurricane season Aug 25, 2019
imageis officially STARTING with my first visit of the season to spaghettimodels.com

loves drama
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I’m Mmabatlokoa Molefe Aug 4, 2019
And i win survivor south africa island of secrets 9-0-0 against Laetitia and Nicole!
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No title Aug 3, 2019
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Really strong Ausvivor ep Jul 30, 2019
imagePia in particular giving me MAJOR eliza vibes. Her paranoia (even though its edited as smarts and intuition because shes WINNING) combined with the extremely strong eliza imagery when she put her fingers over her mouth and looked left at tribal was giving me flashbacks. That combined with David becoming a really interesting multifaceted Ami Cusack-esque dictator figure < 3

My only complaint was the tribal/champions tribe in general is serving usvivor levels of "the people we dont know anything about are finally getting .2 seconds of screentime now that they are head to head vs all the people who are fully fleshed out with character arcs to go through... find out tonight who is gonna come out on top"
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lol @ this week in reality tv Jul 27, 2019
imagetarcan's joanne (or lauren idc about them enough to know ho is who): im a history teacher so i dont work with maps

*the blond guy on ausvivor's intro plays*
*shows him pointing at a map*

"im a history teacher by day =D"
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