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ugh yes May 7, 2020
amazing race is BACK in the fall with that flop tough as nails show taking summer instead. damn they really are prepared to not film another survivor season

the fakeout was annoying tho, hope it does well in a fall slot so tar can continue its cockroach journey < 3
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lmao @ amazing race 32 not airing May 1, 2020
imagefor the millionth time, the lack of new cuntent forcing CBS to give it a primetime fall release!

jk itll prolly be killed off and be the last season... ironic considering how HORRIBLE big brother and now survivor are
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To expand further on my last blog Apr 30, 2020
imageat this point post-tribal council survivor editing to me is the equivalent to the editing amazing race has used for YEARS in the 30 seconds where the two last place teams are taxi'ing to the pitstop. There is no coherence at all to it and its sole purpose to flash last second images of teams back and forth racing to the pitstop to try blindside the VIEWER except its pretty comically not that serious on amazing race and its just to not deflate the last minute of the episode.

This is pretty much half of every episode of survivor nowadays. and thus half of all the (lack of) storylines and plot-threads are based off of these HORRIBLY edited sequences.
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You know what I miss about survivor? Apr 30, 2020
imageActually having a semblance of a clue of what ANY of the alliances are at merge? It sounds ridiculous typing it out but I have 0 clue what any of the alliances are other than trios and duos that are nothing deeper than plot devices (ie sophie and sarah).

We really are never going to get a merge with half an ounce of a storyline ever again huh? blinside the viewer every round yeah!!!
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Leftover Lady Apr 27, 2020
imagelet alone the strongest to be subdued

if i only had the magic key

that would unlock the realms to

the plateau of the highest me

even though ive been badly bruised

livin' in a house to become... a popular muse
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the “loyal” users or es and br Apr 27, 2020
when those sites were permanently in a worse state than .com CURRENTLY and thats WITH mods because the mods (and fhe community) literally gave zero fucks whatsoever
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