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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I just ruined someone's family at work?

1stSep 14, 2020 by splozojames50
imageSo today at work (as a server) I get a table. The system my restaurant has uses like printed tickets whenever we get a table and it has like allergies and preferences inputted into the system over numerous visits so if u have a regular you can see some info on them and anticipate their needs.

I look at the ticket for this table. it specifically reads "wife has SEVERE dairy allergy"

i look at the table its a man woman and two kids... the "husband" is the landlord of the building

so i get their drinks in and then take their order. the woman orders biscuits which have a shitton of dairy and butter so i go "oh im aware you have a dairy allergy..." and im about to explain it to which she responds "no i dont"

THIS is where if i was more suave i could have turned everything around but i WASNT. I go "oh rlly you arent" like im genuinely confused and i made the mistake of MENTIONING the ticket system and they asked how it works and i went INTO DETAIL about it. in hindsight it sounds like im trying to bury the quote unquote husband but it wasnt intentional.

the husband then goes "...yeah ... that was someone else i came with"

the quote unquote wife "can you remove that information from the system"

THATS when i realized i fucked up but the damage was already done

so yea they prolly had some interesting convos once they got home once the kids were out of earshot =]


Idgi... Did she realize her husband is a CHEATER or you just shouldn't have mentioned the system? How did you fuck up?
Sent by Timster,Sep 14, 2020
u did the right thing.
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Sep 14, 2020
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO omg is this real
Sent by iYBF,Sep 14, 2020
timster she was listed as the "wife" on this ticket and i just xxxposed that he came to the restaurant with another woman who he clearly didnt want to mention

obviously i overdramafied the implications but the potential implications are still dramalicious!
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 14, 2020
im team cheater
Sent by Kelly0412,Sep 14, 2020
Omg this happened to me I once said "nice to see u 2 again" and the lady was like "wdym again" and I just froze
Sent by _Adidas_,Sep 14, 2020
Sent by etaco75,Sep 14, 2020
i mean this in the nicest way possible, and i did plus this good blog, this gives me very much tengaged version of oscar bait.  like i could tell from the storytime title it was gonna make it big
Sent by Zuelke,Sep 14, 2020
zuelke yee its very youtube storytime video title but its TRUE!!11

_adidas_ L M A O
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 14, 2020
This is fucking wild
Sent by Dash,Sep 14, 2020
that is insane
Sent by Tester,Sep 14, 2020
How was the tip?
Sent by Jacadeux,Sep 14, 2020
Sent by purplebb4,Sep 14, 2020
You did the right thing, splozojames50. Don't try to cover for a cheater. The woman deserved to know the truth so that she could move on or deal with it sooner rather than later.
Sent by Loopspeare,Sep 14, 2020
this was pretty funny and made my day!
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Sep 14, 2020
"can you remove that information from the system"

Sent by sihz,Sep 14, 2020
Sent by _Aria,Sep 14, 2020
It’s best she found out he was cheating that way
Sent by sportsgeek12,Sep 14, 2020
what did him being the landlord have to do with anything. did he ask for you to be fired or something since he owns the building
Sent by Piddu,Sep 14, 2020
piddu no but i went to the chef and he was like "thats the landlord!" and im like oh god and explained how i xxxposed him and he did make that joke to me

it raises the stakes of the story!!!
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 14, 2020
fuck that cheating ass man! good that he was exposed :D
Sent by Itzy,Sep 14, 2020
Sent by Jinxh,Sep 14, 2020

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