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Different year same shit

3rdAug 6, 2020 by splozojames50
-The women get the two corner holes in the hoh comp with a super heavy board whereas the men get the two closest holes with the only wall-less spaces they had to go through was the first 2 turns
-the hoh comp turns from puzzle with physical elements skewed against the women into full on physical jumping
-not only is the comp boring and lame but its designed horribly and cody can see half the platforms at the end still jiggling
-the twist that "will shake up the game like never before" just being another half baked excuse for production to give out powers while having a competition to play on sunday episodes
-cody wins hoh, the bro-downing is in FULL progress
-ratcole openly proposing to cody that he bro down as much as he wants while she tells him everything the girls will do
-our favorite (women) targetting each other while the men chill, old school in a horrible position and also targetting each other etc etc

not even 24 hours and i already feel dumb for getting excited about the season because a variation of this has happened every year for virtually the last decade.


There will be one good week around week 4-5 where all of tengaged swears "this is it, this is when the season gets better" and then the bad alliance wins all the HoHs from then on out for the rest of the season
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Aug 6, 2020
i see no lies here
Sent by turney1805,Aug 6, 2020
I blame Grodner and Ratcole.
Sent by NotNicky333,Aug 6, 2020
Some people enjoy the game and others are stupid enough to believe that you can just handpick who you want to win and assume they will win like that. This is going to be a great season but please piss and moan all season long. Why do you even watch if you’re just going to cry cause you already know what’s going to happen. It’s always more inevitable that a woman is more likely to hate another woman then a bunch of men getting into a cat fight. It’s only basic logic
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Aug 7, 2020

thats the thing for like 8 out of the past 10 seasons ive stopped watching halfway through (or earlier) because the seasons are so horrible on a consistent basis

and i agree, you cant handpick who you wan to win and i agree that thats a big problem on big brother because theres SO few people who are actual dynamic personalities and genuinely rootable nowadays so when feeds come on in recent years and year after year those few actual rootable people are ALREADY ostrasized from the boring white mactor famewhore alliances its annoying.

was i being slightly melodramatic on day 2? yes. are these legitimate concerns that occured that happen almost every season in a season-ruining fashion? id argue yes.

id argue that its more likely that women are gonna hate other women (and men will bro down) based on the women BIG BROTHER casts. its a main reason why big brother has produced maybe 3 watchable season start to finish within the last decade.
Sent by splozojames50,Aug 7, 2020

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