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What songs PACK the nostalgia

Aug 30, 2019 by splozojames50
imagewhen you listen to them?

Today I listened to "I Can't Wait" by Hilary Duff - for those of you who don't know it's the song from the yearbook episode of lizzie mcguire aka the (for now/not anymore?) series finale. Pretty much its not on Spotify so it doesn't pop up during my normal music listening hours and so the nostalgia really HIT me. Its also a bop and has been on repeat all day, they really need to put it on spotify i mean some random bitch has a cover of it on there (along with like 3 different karaoke versions based on that same cover) so i dont see what the issue is.


cool by gwen stefani or cough syrup by w.e their name is
Sent by Zuelke,Aug 31, 2019
wannabe - spice girls
or a ton of the backstreet boys stuff.. or vanessa carlton 1000 miles lol
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 31, 2019

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