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the black guy

2ndJun 25, 2019 by splozojames50
imagethe old fat guy
the fat hispanic woman
and the young white guy

guess who will win a public vote based largely on first impressions?


Sent by Queenisha,Jun 25, 2019
u would have blogged something like this no matter the outcome
Sent by AlexaVonTrayne,Jun 25, 2019
alexavontrayne no if i someone else won i probably would have blogged nothing or instead reacted to the tired "make up a lazy "twist" to cover up the fact that were just filling the 2 night premiere with competitions" formula that has arisen recently
Sent by splozojames50,Jun 25, 2019
splozojames50 so you wanted to say something negative no matter what
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jun 25, 2019
britishromeo17 based off of the reaction that the quality of the premiere warranted, pretty much yea

if the premiere was strong enough maybe i would have blogged about kathryn being funner than i expected or jessica being fierce... but it wasnt so i blogged this
Sent by splozojames50,Jun 25, 2019
Aw look at you calling THEM out since you know I don't blog much anymore. And also ofc the girls flipped on each other right away for the young wh*te guy who won't include them in his all male alliance that he will form next week. Idiots. Same show, same cast basically
Sent by Timster,Jun 26, 2019
shocking result
Sent by Moonfelar,Jun 26, 2019
Sent by joe1110,Jun 26, 2019

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