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Jun 17, 2019 by splozojames50
imagereturning on amazon prime in september this year thats crazy. if you dont know what it is pretty much it was a race where teams of 4 would traverse really daunting terrains that took like a week to complete and it was super physically intense and like half the teams wouldnt be able to finish.

the one season i watched had ethan and jenna from survivor and timmy from the challenge on one team with someone also from road rules named adam larson. they dropped out after a couple days of bottom feeding but the season was super dramatic and i remember this fierce all female team being forced to quit bc one of their members got a super small cut that became infected and threatened to seep into her bloodstream (they were in a jungle climate so they were always wet) and this other team where a member got sick, they went to a local village and rested for like a day and a half and then continues and WON.

anways if you are wondering why this is important its because this is arguably THE precursor to modern reality television as we know it (along with the real world). it was more docu-style but it was among if not THE first reality tv competition show ever and was mark burnett's FIRST(?) reality competition show he produced and its coming BACK with bear grylls hosting i think so woo!


I LOVED eco challenge. I can’t believe it’s coming back
Sent by smuguy2012,Jun 17, 2019

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