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Well that survivor south africa premiere

May 16, 2019 by splozojames50
imagewas something... There was good and bad elements but overall id say im more worried than excited about the season going forward.

The good:
-TANYA. She did a lot of the heavy lifting during this premiere and the weight of the season is currently on her shoulders. queen.
-The foreshadowing with idols. idk if it was just me but some of the statements letitia made has me excited that letitia will find the idol and seipei will steal the tribe idol and use it on herself. IM MANIFESTING.
-Lee Ann vs Nicole: While this didnt end how I would have hoped it was a really gripping storyline that had me INVESTED and as the layers unravelled and we slowly started to see just how complex their relationship is it almost got kinda disturbing how it affected lee ann after all these years. im explaining it horribly but them interacting could have been EPIC in a season-long fashion but made for a good 1 episode storyline. Also Nicole's constant smizing face has me MEMZMERIZED.

the bad:
-All the women are either: entertaining but beyond fucked day 1 big brother us style (tanya/letitia/seipei), enablers (steffi, ting ting), or invisible. the only tribe with a possible uprising against the men had geoffrey go out of his way to trash letitia and then the other 2 women on that tribe were invisible.
-ting ting was a HUGE dissapointment. her only words were her trashing tanya and trying to impress the men. newsflash: if you need the "impress" the men(or anyone for that matter) to be with them instead of them wanting to actually be allies with you then maybe they wont be that great of allies to you.
-the male alliances/sexism. corbus was especially egregious with his whole "the 4 MEN are all together =D meanwhile the three... OTHER PEOPLE (aka the women) will be voted off" confessional that was kinda shocking how overtly sexist it was.

so yea worst case scenario this season will go downhill FAST with the fun women being slaughtered with an outside chance of tanya overstaying her welcome and letitia being the only hope to save the season. then again maybe its just survivor us being fresh in my mind and the season will be fine in the end


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Sent by Jinxh,May 16, 2019

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