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Random "CCD" memory

May 10, 2019 by splozojames50 did anyone on here ever go to "CCD"? pretty much it was like a once a week catholic after school class thing where youd learn about jesus and they'd prepare you to do all the catholic shit like communion.

One day the guy with the super hardcore catholic parents was there and for whatever reason the parents were part of the lesson (since the classes were run by volunteers and such) and they brought a catholic board game. On my first turn I rolled the dice and landed on a square where I had to answer a trivia question.

At that point I was still under the impression that I was playing a game, and middle school me was pretty competitive and such so i was super into it ready for a fun board game. The card literally read "name your favorite bible passage". That is when I realized I literally learned NOTHING in CCD over the course of all the years I attended that I could not even remember when I started. I could not name ONE passage with the seconds ticking as BOTH super catholic parents, the son whispering me "noah's arc" in my ear, my brother (probably thanking jesus he didnt land on that space) and like 1-2 other classmates just sat there.

it was pretty embarrassing at the time but it pretty quickly became one of those "wow okay that happened" moments now that i look back


LMFAO CCD was so whack
Sent by iYBF,May 10, 2019
we called it catichism (sp?) but yea it was terible
Sent by Batya,May 10, 2019

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