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LMAO @ Eva Marie on celeb bb

Jan 10, 2019 by splozojames50
imagebeing leaked just now. on one hand she is extremely petty but i think she will be a good fit.

She definitely made BIG MOVES on total divas to secure her screentime, despite the fact that almost none of her storylines revolved around her (lack of) wrestling ability/involvement in the actual divas division.

Can you IMAGINE Miranda Cosgrove and Eva Marie interacting?!? L M A O im here for it


Sent by TotsTrashy,Jan 10, 2019
Sent by Maxi1234,Jan 10, 2019
Where was this leaked?
And Miranda cosgrove??
Sent by austino15fffan,Jan 10, 2019

at the end of the first vid you can hear her say clearly "being in the house" after a bunch of hard to hear mumbling

miranda cosgrove is more me clinging onto hope considering she was apparently dropped last minute for omarosa last season and was the only person realvegas was following in twitter before she deleted her account today due to the lori drama
Sent by splozojames50,Jan 10, 2019

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