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  1. WOW @ tvmuse
  2. I think after the past few days
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  4. sigh @ masked singer
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  12. ALSO, with the stress this season
  13. idk what it is
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  22. wait hold on
  23. thank you Lord Sugar
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sigh @ masked singer

Jan 2, 2019 by splozojames50
image6 performances in an hour? i was under the impression this would be different than any other reality show that are filled with filler sob story segments but instead this is padded with cheap basement shots. like the judges blabbering took 3x the time of the sub 2 minute performances?

i guess the time of 10 performances per episode on singing shows is LONG gone. i think this is gonna be a "fast forward through the night after" show instead of a "watch LIVE" type of show


no are you joking it was so good
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 2, 2019
DanielKennedy111 look how wrong this is
Sent by Aquamarine,Jan 2, 2019
Yeah I wanted to see all 12. Kinda disappointed with the format but it looks like they'll have a good cast.
Sent by mysterygame2,Jan 2, 2019
aquamarine it could have been good if the show ran at a halfway decent pace. a singing show with 1 80 second performance per commercial break is always goign to be a hard sell for me no matter what it is
Sent by splozojames50,Jan 2, 2019

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