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I have not been this satisfied

Jan 1, 2019 by splozojames50
imagewith a reality show ending in a long time. I can say with 100% certainty that SANTAS IN THE BARN is an amazing, top tier reality show from the start and it never lets up. IF YOU ARE A SURVIVOR FAN THIS IS A MUCH WATCH! If you would have told me a week ago that an 8 episode season of 10 professional Santas playing Survivor in character at all times was better than anything the actual Survivor has put out in YEARS I would have laughed... but ITS THAT GOOD

The cast: The casting is simply impeccable. A black santa, 2 female santas, young santas, old santas makes the cast pretty hilar on paper but when you get to know them you realize how EVERY santa brings something to the table (with the 2 weakest santas going home first).

Challenges: Every single challenge brings the lolz and is entertaining and fresh. From an antm photoshoot for a jury vote, to a 12 days of christmas math challenge, to an amazing race memory challenge, to a mall santa challenge turned listening challenge (ala the beauty and the geek 3 nude painting challenge which is one of my alltime fave rtv challenges ever). All the challenges are just beyond hilarious and memorable.

Twists: placed PERFECTLY at the beginning to cause just the right amount of chaos and get the santas playing the game. Combined with hands down the most hilarious case of a returning player of any reality show EVER brings the right balance of shaking up the game and the lulz

The Survivor knockoff done RIGHT: Tribal being "The christmas elimination dinner", voting on sugar cookies revealed biggest loser style, idols + rock drawing, a returning player and a jury where every player voted based on pure gameplay. Yet instead of being edited as a meta-survivor "big moves" mess its completely wholesome with the survivor tropes you love sprinkled in here and there. MODERN SURVIVOR WISHES

in conclusion, this show is short but SWEET. an easy watch but one that WILL cement Santas In The Barn in your top 5 ratchet reality shows ever if you give it the chance. I am BLOWN AWAY.


Ive always loved ur recomendations for reality tv, where can i watch it.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 1, 2019
girl I- (spongebob meme)
Sent by Timster,Jan 1, 2019

(3 and 4 are reversed on here)
Sent by splozojames50,Jan 1, 2019
Thanks Bae splozojames50
Sent by andalarew_2231,Jan 1, 2019
I don't really watch reality TV anymore but you're selling me on this!
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jan 1, 2019

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