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idk what it is

Dec 12, 2018 by splozojames50
imageabout survivor but something about this season just feels off. credit where its due this season has been very unpredictable and there are select fun people but overall i feel like a majority of the FUN has been sucked out.

any given strategy session has "the game" mentioned at least 1-3 times, idols re-hidden like crazy (one with the stupid af "you have to play it now" caveat to create artificial drama) and an overall lack of relationships. like im explaining it badly but i feel like each vote has NO stakes. if someone goes home you either think "ok well that person got idol'd out" or "theres another idol for next round" or "well people arent portrayed valuing actual relationships so nothing really changes" or straight up "ok well i dont care"

also in particular Davie's confessionals in particular annoyed me and came across as big brother DR screamer-esque confessionals. When the confessional cut immediately to him reading the clue really made me think "wow his confessionals sounded exactly the same as him reading off a script"

The show as a whole i feel like is starting to run more and more like big brother episodes where its just a lot of "game" and "big moves" thrown at you for the entire 40 minutes. However not in a The Genius or The Mole-esque way where you are sitting there struggling to process all the information and youre mindfucked in amazement but more in a "ok well this is happening" kind of way.

or maybe im just being cynical who knows (however i did like survivor south africa VERY much  so idk)


i agree about the relationships comment. there isn't much competition over the past few seasons so i definitely think it's a better recent survivor but to compare it to some of the older seasons, that did a great job of focusing more on the social relationships and less on the random idols to try and force tension in the game and the B I G  M O V E S, is a bold claim imo
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Dec 13, 2018

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