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Reality tv gem ive discovered recently

Dec 4, 2018 by splozojames50
imageafter going back and watching like 2 seasons in addition to the current season... i have concluded that the APPRENTICE UK is a quality ass show and i cannot praise this show enough. Theres the PERFECT amount of competition, drama, setting the contestants up to fail, ridiculousness, and STAKES that really makes this my favorite rtv gem since the genius.

Having only seen 5, 9 (dont spoil im on the finale) and the current season, i am in LOVE. sooooo many goddesses i cant. Debra < 3 Lorraine < 3 Mona (racist and transphobic queen < 3) < 3 JACKIE < 3 Jazmine, Sarah Ann, Khadija, Camila, Fran, theres already a vast list of iconic ass females from just 3 seasons.

Things this show does RIGHT in general/better than the us versions

-no nonsense boardrooms where the contestants get CLOCKED if they try lying or passing blame that is complete bs
-Lord Sugar is a fucking iconic host (i die EVERY time he goes "alright im going to summarize now" and then EVERY episode someone retorts and he sternly goes "i dont want to hear anymore!")
-The selling tasks are sooo funny, especially when the contestants have to create their own products and are set up to fail every time. The artisan coffee donuts this season undying love < 333
-The interviews are probably my FAVORITE episode of the whole season. Lord Sugar even went as far as saving someone at f6 who was solely responsible for losing because he was so easily dragged VICIOUSLY in interviews. This in particular surprised me because i always hated the interviews in the us version.

in conclusion this show is an absolute gem and if you need something to binge i would HIGHLY recommend either the current season or season 5 which are both damn near top tier seasons of reality television


you NEED to watch the 2017 edition it snapped
Sent by loyalladiesbitch,Dec 6, 2018
also s3 because katie hopkins
Sent by loyalladiesbitch,Dec 6, 2018

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