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  1. holy shit @ kingdom hearts 3 visuals
  2. WOW @ tvmuse
  3. I think after the past few days
  4. LMAO @ Eva Marie on celeb bb
  5. sigh @ masked singer
  6. oh WOW @ 1800 contacts
  7. I have not been this satisfied
  8. The Santa-Cratic Oath
  9. I can say with 100% confidence
  10. a MUST WATCH lolzy reality show
  11. l m a o @ bryce
  12. Damn this offseason
  13. ALSO, with the stress this season
  14. idk what it is
  15. which reality show "curse" is your fave?
  17. interesting strategy session...
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  19. this is the first ep ive seen since the merge..
  20. Just saw the new
  21. The number of hype trains
  22. what amazes me most
  23. wait hold on
  24. thank you Lord Sugar
  25. Im in my first castings in years
  26. speaking of Amazing Race
  27. Amazing Race will NOT die
  28. I feel like the last 5 pre-tribal
  29. Top 3 Apprentice UK 14 creative ideas
  30. wow @ the finebros copying kaceytron
  31. wow @ the level of trolls on here nowadays
  32. imagine
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  35. Top 10 gifs saved on my computer
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  37. Any apprentice uk fans?
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  40. [#5] Top 10 gifs saved on my computer

The number of hype trains

Nov 22, 2018 by splozojames50
that are upon arrival in the next 2-ish months are INSANE like its gonna be back to back to back for s bit

smash ultimate in december - my internet was absolute ass with smash 4 so that along with zelda not being trash tier has got me hyped.

Amazing race 31 in january (?) - its been a decade since pre tar11 teams have raced and LEGENDS colin and christie being on will never not leave me in awe. after so many years of tar cockroaching along and the disaster of a cast eith 24, my jaw dropped and stayed dropped for at least a minute staring at their initial airport pic on day 1 and its only just now starting to feel real.

Kingdom Hearts 3 in january - Whew being a stan of this series has been a ride, and thats coming from a hilary duff stan. been waiting 10 years for this game and have endured a ds spinoff, a psp prequel, a ds mainline title, a mobile game, a rebranding of the mobile game, a ps4 tech demo, and at least 3 hd remakes/compilation games on ps3 and ps4 when ALL i ever wanted was kh3 on a console. if im not in tears by the end of the opening sequence when dearly beloved plays ill lose it theres just SO much nostalgia and a decade of anticipation that has NEVER died down.


im legit getting a switch today for smash LOL
Sent by Gardenia,Nov 22, 2018

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