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what amazes me most

Nov 18, 2018 by splozojames50
every admin cycle is when people get banned for things there is 0 precedent for and isnt stated in the rules with 0 warning. (the stealing designs section on admins profile is in regards to posting designs without permission, not the act of spending t dollars to receive a design in return after having paid.)

like banning obnoxious designs i can understand... and do understand bc its in the rules. but soneone please point out where wearing designs that didnt have permission (which half the time doesnt come to light until multiple insances are purchased?) is a bannable offense... ill wait

at this rate admin is gonna have to make a designs coordinator at this point solely dedicated to the new design beuracracy theyre creating.


Sent by ItsAustin,Nov 18, 2018
Lol yesteday admin linked to this

“Refer to this blog:
Users have been attempting their best at exposing loopholes in the system to wear designs that have been deemed off-limits. The situation is quite frustrating, so as of presently, we will be doing frequent checks throughout shops and the design lab. If you’ve sold a design which is illegal OR stolen, we will not only ban for posting but those who wear the illegal/stolen design (as of August 1st, 2018 for those who proceed to wear). The ban will technically be permanent, BUT you can quickly email us at when you are ready to remove it from your avatar. We understand a vast amount of time has transpired since the date, but remove the design from your avatar, and we will not punish. Any knowledge of users who proceed to wear stolen/illegal designs, report it to our account (24-hours will be given for users to remove).”

They’re not gon update their profile which is where people go to look at rules, idk man rules are half hidden and apparently they can change them depending on who broke em randomize
Sent by BryanXx,Nov 18, 2018
bryanxx so they didnt blog it... didnt update their actual list of rules... and expect people to follow some random ass rule from a blog in AUGUST

Sent by splozojames50,Nov 18, 2018
yea it stinks :( i get the shop owner gets punished, but why should people who bought it be punished? Really makes no sense to me but it is what it is i suppose
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Nov 18, 2018

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