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Now that Survivor US has ~officially~

Dec 23, 2017 by splozojames50
imagejumped the shark its so strange knowing Amazing Race is officially the highest calibre CBS reality show of the big 3.

I really thought the show was just unsalvagable during seasons 19-24 where I was enjoying Survivor a LOT more and relying HEAVILY on international versions on TAR to get my fix in. So crazy how the roles have reversed and now big brother/survivor stans wait for their once a year fix from bbcan/ausvivor while TARUS is serving top tier seasons from 25-29 (28 being the outlier of course)

the gag is that amazing race still has the quality tarcan going STRONG whereas ausvivor and bbcan are probably on their last legs (even tho tarus is on thin ice itself so that kinda evens it out)

CBS 3: TAR>>>>>>>>>>Survivor>>>> abyss>>>> BB

International 3: AUSvivor > TARCAN > BBCAN > TARAsia

(it just sucks all around to be a bb stan alol)


Sent by Sparky4444,Dec 23, 2017
ugh ausvivor needs to live forever
Sent by rawr121,Dec 23, 2017

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