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  1. i mean obviously
  2. damn the little mix song
  3. Survivor funny moment from the leaked ep
  4. Wow at Super Junior's new song
  5. I was randomly looking through
  6. lol @ the davids pulling a
  7. me @ valve's new game
  8. oh my GOD at the harry potter rpg leak
  9. ME @ Aleks Syntek
  10. WOW @ the survivor premiere
  11. i love how
  12. we love jurors being treated like ass
  13. LMAO @ the elise buff
  14. On the topic of .es and .br ppl
  15. So funny how
  16. Just saw The Dragon Prince
  17. WHO would host bb if julie is gone
  18. I used to be one to think
  19. i just watched haleigh's exit interview
  20. ugh yes @ this big brother endgame
  21. haha fuck you deathwish
  22. TAR10 for the win
  23. Everything wrong with new skype
  24. I may or may not
  25. i cant @ the big brother youtube channel
  26. L M A O
  27. Uh BTS,
  28. MCU Ranking #14
  29. Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranking
  30. I've somehow watched every TARCAN
  31. oh my god nicki's album rollout
  32. The L6 stans
  33. Gonna play The Oregon Trail
  35. omg Love Island is being made on CBS
  36. its so weird
  37. L M A O
  38. And with that
  39. Just caught up on the challenge
  40. and with that

ugh yes

Dec 5, 2017 by splozojames50
becky g is on track to pass look what you made me do's views by the end of the year and snatch the title of most viewed female mv of the year

talent truly does win #AMiMeGustanMasGrandes #QueNoMeQuepaEnLaBoca


what the actual fuck
Sent by Aquamarine,Dec 5, 2017
She was great as the Yellow Ranger too. Can鈥檛 believe she鈥檚 a double threat celebrity.
Sent by Brayden_,Dec 5, 2017
Ami me gustan mayores de esos que llaman se帽ores
Sent by ManniBoi,Dec 5, 2017
People say Beyonc茅's popularity doesn't count because most if her fans are black so in this case her video views don't count since most are from Latin America. Which is also why Selena has the most followers! #Logic
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2017
timster ye latin america uses youtube SO MUCH so its easier to get views from her audience BUT STILL!
Sent by splozojames50,Dec 5, 2017
Theres always some dumbass trying to take credit away because theyre not the same color as them 馃檮馃檮
Sent by ManniBoi,Dec 5, 2017
manniboi I was joking and making fun of people who say Latin/kpop artists views don't count since theyre irrelevant in amerikkka.
Sent by Timster,Dec 5, 2017
timster well with kpop artists its the reverse, since koreans dont use youtube as much ^_^
Sent by splozojames50,Dec 5, 2017

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