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  1. Where do I put this?
  2. i mean obviously
  3. damn the little mix song
  4. Survivor funny moment from the leaked ep
  5. Wow at Super Junior's new song
  6. I was randomly looking through
  7. lol @ the davids pulling a
  8. me @ valve's new game
  9. oh my GOD at the harry potter rpg leak
  10. ME @ Aleks Syntek
  11. WOW @ the survivor premiere
  12. i love how
  13. we love jurors being treated like ass
  14. LMAO @ the elise buff
  15. On the topic of .es and .br ppl
  16. So funny how
  17. Just saw The Dragon Prince
  18. WHO would host bb if julie is gone
  19. I used to be one to think
  20. i just watched haleigh's exit interview
  21. ugh yes @ this big brother endgame
  22. haha fuck you deathwish
  23. TAR10 for the win
  24. Everything wrong with new skype
  25. I may or may not
  26. i cant @ the big brother youtube channel
  27. L M A O
  28. Uh BTS,
  29. MCU Ranking #14
  30. Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranking
  31. I've somehow watched every TARCAN
  32. oh my god nicki's album rollout
  33. The L6 stans
  34. Gonna play The Oregon Trail
  36. omg Love Island is being made on CBS
  37. its so weird
  38. L M A O
  39. And with that
  40. Just caught up on the challenge

Rewatching i love money and

17thDec 4, 2017 by splozojames50
one of my favorite re-ocurring themes is when brandi is in the box every episode and the paymasters always go

"brandi... you suck... youre not a threat... i can beat you in challenges..."

and then brandi just goes "thank you! yea, thanks :]" and accepts her check


the food fight episode where all the blondes go crazy? fantastic!
Sent by ASupreme,Dec 4, 2017
Sent by Christian_,Dec 4, 2017
LOL she's icon
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Dec 4, 2017
One day I will rewatch in full. I have a link to uncensored version if you want it. I can link when I get on my PC tomorrow
Sent by Timster,Dec 4, 2017
what a fucking icon omfg
Sent by tharealmike,Dec 4, 2017

Sent by JetsRock12,Dec 4, 2017
timster LINK ME TOO
Sent by finklestein123,Dec 5, 2017

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