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  1. Just a little rant
  2. I'm sorry
  3. I think I love the chaos and misery
  4. I haven't been blacked out drunk in a long time
  5. Ever smoke a blunt
  6. Lately I've been flexing hard on my ex
  7. Rain is so peaceful
  8. Bub?
  9. Anyone hear
  10. Who are your top 5
  11. Fuuuucckkk meeee
  12. No title
  13. Looking for a new duo
  14. The ending of Meet the Robinson's
  15. it's a lot of lust
  16. It would've been 4 years today
  17. So I did this cover of a song
  18. cut my hand at work
  19. before work vibes
  20. So I'm adding scars into my hands
  21. I need
  22. I'm gonna live in a swimming pool today
  23. She makes dirty words sound pretty
  24. If the world was ending
  25. Tara's mad that I nominated her
  26. Sometimes you need to
  27. You look so innocent
  28. There's the pretty one
  29. I send pretty hot snaps
  30. Bloodshot eyes
  31. ColdHart baby
  32. Need a frat
  33. Interview went great
  34. We're dating now
  35. Today's vibe of the day
  36. lol
  37. Dear Shakespeare ,
  38. I'm in love with a ghost girl
  39. I just fell in love when a bad bitch
  40. Smile a little bigger today

She still leaves me breathless

Mar 8, 2018 by spikedcurley


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