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  1. Commitment <3
  2. People really are jealous of me
  3. I’ve never met someome as stupid as
  4. None of this would have happened
  6. The quality of frookies players rn
  7. Tengaged is so fucked
  8. Bring Bryan back
  9. Rule change - Holding Juries
  10. Me when the next frooks cast
  11. I give it a day...
  12. I need health
  13. Who missed me?
  14. I needa get banned from the site for a bit
  15. Why am I so extra
  16. We got beef?
  17. You know you are really up people’s asses
  18. Plus this blog
  19. Should I play frooks
  21. Am I good at frookies
  22. I really am a frookies legend
  23. Is anyone else exhausted
  24. I love....
  25. Why the hell
  26. Why. The. Fuck. Is. Stars. Filling. So. Fast
  27. LOL
  28. We love bitter juries
  29. if you win a fasting
  30. Throwback
  31. PYN how you rank me as a gameplayer
  32. Lmfao
  33. Honestly
  34. So proud
  35. Need new friends on this site :)
  36. I take frookies very seriously
  37. Lmao
  38. What did I do
  39. I feel like
  40. Im only on my third merge

Look at me slaying hunger alone

Jan 3, 2018 by spartagow
This is fucking hard


YOU look amazing! Gift is so deserving too! <3 Tracey
Sent by StarySky,Jan 3, 2018

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