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Apr 18, 2017 by solesurvivor11
So far inside the big brother house:
Donny Wins HOH
Nominates all of team Nikki (Cassandra,Frank, Vanessa and Neda)
Davonnne wins POV
Uses it to save Vanessa
The house saves Frank (9 votes)
Nikki evicts Neda
Tonight on Big Brother: Janelle will try and get a firm grasp at the game and make another shock move. Will she open Pandora's Box?
Day 7
Janelle: I'm finally HOH!
*Janelle is visited by Davonnne and Donny*
Davonnne: listen,the two of us want to align with you if you SWEAR to keep team Dan safe this week. You must also keep team Rachel safe.
Donny: Are you in?
Janelle: We need a powerhouse, let's get more people in. Danielle, Sindy, Enzo , Ika and Caleb. Together that's Eight votes. We'd be unstoppable!
*Sindy, Danielle,Enzo, Ika and Caleb all agree to be part of the closion of team Dan and Team Rachel, dubbed Team Dachel;  houses first super allowance.*
Dan: Rachel, it's game on. Our teams collide and we'll win!
Julie: Hello House.
I know it's a shock to see me here tonight but, Pandora's Box is back. Welcome to the very first Pandora's Box Ceremony. Janelle, as HOH please reveal wether or not you should opens PB...
Janelle: Hello House. I'm in the power room. I'm ready. The PB ceremony has commenced.
I have chosen to open the box.
Julie: Janelle, please remove the lid from the box and read the note.
Janelle: It reads "This week the box contains a blatant season long twist... The rules have changed. On eviction night, instead of the loosing teams coach casting the vote to EVICT, they will compete against the HOHs team leader. The winner will cast that vital vote to EVICT!"
I , Janell, adjourn the PB Ceremony.
Nikki: Aw come on... I hate this.
Janelle: honestly Nikki, I've had enough. You piss me off so much just fuck off.
Nikki: I'm after you.
Nikki has meeting with her houseguests.
Nikki: We need to go after Janelle.
Vanessa: I've had enough. You're a drama queen I get it. But you can't play big brother for me. You aren't here to play, Nikki. You're here to help. I'm fucking done. I'm not gonna be in any of your bloody meetings. I know my game. Do you?
Cassandra: I agree with Vanessa. You can't keep doing this. It's your fault Neda's gone! 
Frank: Actually, Janelle does annoy me.
Nikki: Exactly. We're going this, or I'll get all of you out
Frank: I'm with her.
Nikki: So I'll now you both to the ground. I don't give a fuck.
Cassandra: Neither do I, bitch.
Nikki: I adjourn this meeting. Now piss of before you get out of your laugue.
Vanessa: Is that a threat?
Day 8
*Team Dachel, in private*
Janelle: Hi allies. In a few minutes I have to nominate a team for EVICTION.
Sindy: Honestly, Nikki pissed as all of yesterday. Her team is full of threats.
Enzo: True
Caleb: I agree, team Nikki it is.
Janelle: I have chosen to nominate team Nikki for EVICTION.


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