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pyn for annoyance

3rdNov 16, 2015 by snoofle
***updated through levoniniwhateverthefuck***
pyn and ill tell you if you're relevant enough to annoy me and why

insanity - yh probably in like 2013 when all u did was win games and ruin my life

donaam - yh when you have a 5 hour painting class during stars

coreyants - yh all you do is play stars and haven't been good at it since January??

Arris - yh you have irrelevant people on ur profile not gonna get that stars win with that boo bear

acyuta - yh you still use 'xD' go back to 2010.

Danger - yh you try to act like a bad pretty boy but in reality ur just kind of dumb

finklestein123 - yh you just kind of troll like who r u ?

padfoot - yh literally i get like 4398249832 spam from you a day

Fredcrugar - yh every game im in with you, you just kind of ruin my life so thx

Illdi - yh wtf you're a white level and thinking I'm going to know you?

Jameslu - yh you have a ton of videos on your profile as if anybody ever watches those ???

Petro - yh i feel like you always have a top blog for zero reason

Owen3939 - yh you have stats on your profile like you matter?

Nattie - yh you're like married to a lesbian?

KingB24 - yh i think you've always ran around this site like a 12 year old

bigbrotherlover7 - yh you post long scholarly blogs like anybody on this site has the attention span to read them

Quackerz - yh you try to pop on and off this site like people actually care about u

kimmal8 - yh you're always acting like a god on this website when in reality people just dont care enough to argue with you

Thirteen - yh posting 13 like you're witty and clevel when you're just kind of annoying to be around

Orlando652 - yh you're first blog is asking if there's a call going on and that's literally the most annoying blog anybody can make

Lemjam6 - yh you run around with annoying group of the gayest most annoying boys on tengaged that make my ears want to bleed

CutieAmy - yh aren't u one of those design fucks?  literally ruined the site

C00LDUDE1000 - yh i saw a blog earlier that you were like ASKING to be a hired spammer? like where's your life?

koolness234 - yh you remind of Olivia Pope and why i started to hate scandal.  you just post the same vlog with the same message and tengaged is just too **** to realize it and flock 2 u.

meduncan - yh really nobody has bullied you off the site yet? ur a joke of tengaged

VoLcOmVaNs - yh omg you literally always have the worst stars speeches

rawr25 - yh do you really have to even post on this??? you called me a floater so i shot u and started acting like a mega bitch

#wumblebee - yh you think i care enough to delete your comment? soz ur too incompetent t to even post a comment on a blog without fucking up?

#Phenomanimal - yh you try 2 act like ur a god of every strategic game out there and weren't a str8 16 year old named brian

#Maxi1234 - yh you're one of those fucks that delete all their blogs

#FlamingJojo - yh literally your voice and your attitudes makes me wish people like you didn't flock to this site. but then i feel bad because i know u have no where else to go

#quackattack817 - yh you never talk to me drunk

#Timberlie - yh i think u did something to really fuck me off one time, but you're too irrelevant enough for me to even remember. i think u evicted me in stars

#_Aria - yh you've always been a wannabe A listen when in reality you'll always just be c-list

#utsumi - yh you act like you don't even remember me when i basically created u

#tyboy618 - yh you're one of those people that have a charity game for no reason at all like 400 games??? why are we celebrating how much of a loser you are???

#thumper91 - yh i was playing this skype game and i hid behind you and literally everybody in my alliance hid behind u so we all got out so fuck u

#mikec51 - yh you almost really fucked me over in stars but don't worry i got you

#florina - yh you try to act like you had anything to do with our stars when i basically let u go unnommed ur welcome

#jacco - yh i think you're pretty dumb when it comes to playing skype games like one of those kids that think they know what theyre doing but really don't

#highnoon - yh you call out people for attention when nobody is ever going to know who you are

#temeky - yh you act like you're 14 years old

#mmar - yh you're one of those people that can't handle the heat of tengaged so u have to post porn to make yourself leave

#galaxies - yh you're kind of a little fanboy of mine and always follow me around like jeez i can only take so much boosting to my ego in one day

#heaux - yh you have a list of goals on your tengaged page like what a loser

#butcher - yh i saw you try to claim a charity game and was all "U HAVE TO CLAIM THEM ON THE BLOG PAGE" like bitch there's no rules to charities????

#Booyahhayoob - yh your name was too long and confusing to type so i had to annoyingly copy and paste it

#raverkid - yh you always try to act like i know you when i literally just see you around and know that you try to act like a badass that you never will be

#rockslide - yh you ALWAYS acted like woe is me and i cannot stand that in a person

#bunnycat - yh you ruined my flawless game in BB All stars and I'll never forgive u

#MTMan - yh you wouldn't let me go out in that skype game and it was actually really annoying

#teddybear - yh i never know what your sexuality is

#zuelke - yh you literally have way too many quotes on your page to try to make yourself look like a badass bitch but hun its not working

#gigi10 - yh i typically find anybody with the name gigi annoying as fuck

#AxKxAxBatman - yh you did something annoying to me recently but i cbf enough to remember what it even was

#litecitrus - yh you think that i would ever want to sleep with tumblr scum jake b

#levonini - yh 1. your avatar is ugly af 2. you make really dumb blogs


Insanity :)
Sent by Insanity,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by donaam,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by coreyants,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Arris,Nov 16, 2015
okay even though im not relevant enough xD
Sent by acyuta,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Danger,Nov 16, 2015
ok lol
Sent by finklestein123,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Padfoot,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Fredcrugar,Nov 16, 2015
I know I'm irrelevant but still I bring tacos
Sent by Illdi,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Jameslu,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Petro,Nov 16, 2015
ok? idk.
Sent by Owen3939,Nov 16, 2015
ugly lesbo
Sent by finklestein123,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Nattie,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Danger,Nov 16, 2015
lol me
Sent by KingB24,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Quackerz,Nov 16, 2015
lay it on me
Sent by kimmal8,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Thirteen,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by koolness234,Nov 16, 2015
Lol okay
Sent by Orlando652,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by CutieAmy,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Nov 16, 2015
when i was fucking skipped.
Fine lexi bitch I will use that ocean move you better hold on to whatever little piece of land you have
Sent by koolness234,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by meduncan,Nov 16, 2015
Sure :)
Sent by Vanili,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Nov 16, 2015
Sent by rawr25,Nov 16, 2015
wtf did you delete my comment
Sent by wumblebee,Nov 16, 2015
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hey !
Sent by HighNoon,Nov 16, 2015
mee (srry i accidently negged)
Sent by Temeky,Nov 16, 2015
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me heaux
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Hey it's Death_metal/Deathmetal29630
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omg me
Sent by bunnycat,Nov 16, 2015
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sure :x
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Nov 17, 2015
I want you & Jake B to birth me
Sent by LiteCitrus,Nov 17, 2015
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